Recycling Isn’t ‘Just Another Expense’

You might have arrived on this page looking for a UK toner cartridge recycling service as you’ve been told that they’re now classed as WEEE Waste and MUST now be recycled.

Unfortunately for you, this is a cost that you’re going to have to incur now and for the foreseeable future. Great – yet another cost added to your list of outgoings that you could really be doing without… right?

If this is your attitude, you’re looking at it all wrong! 

Firstly, by recycling your toner cartridges you’ll be making a positive impact on the environment. You’ll be contributing to both the reduction of harmful emissions as well as helping to save more raw materials and natural resources, as the toner cartridges that you recycle can be recycled, reused and remanufactured. Reducing the amount of waste in landfills is also crucial and you’ll be heavily contributing to this factor too.

Think ethically too – you’ve heard of corporate social responsibility before right? You have a duty to try and minimise the waste that you as a business and all of your processes produce. Consumers are more switched on now, and information is widely available to them. Your customer will know if something isn’t right within your business, and if they find out that you’re actively trying to avoid recycling, you’ll struggle to maintain that customer relationship.

On the other hand, actively recycling can be used as fantastic PR for your business, and as stated above, the lack of a recycling policy can do the complete opposite. With a successful policy/scheme, you’ll increase brand engagement and improve brand loyalty, as well as give your organisation greater exposure and appeal

Ultimately, under WEEE Guidelines it’s your legal responsibility to take care of your used toner cartridges correctly. If you don’t know how to do this, or why you have to do this, click here.