Secure Data Erasure

ECS The Greener Side are fully authorised to professionally and safely decommission computing and printing devices. It is important that your photocopier or printer is disposed of professionally and safely, so your data is not compromised.

Multi-function printers store confidential data such as address books, copies of scanned items and prints. To ensure permanent erasure of this data, each stage of the process is overseen by the Head of our IT team who make it their business to protect your data.

Once the item’s successfully passed through the erasure stage, it is issued to the waste management team for material recovery, recycling and refining.

Our experienced team of certified waste management engineers have access to NATO and CESG approved data erasure software -which irreversibly deletes any stored records within a machine’s storage components.

We produce a proof of erasure for complete legal compliance and audit purposes.

The audit report we produce for this process is comprehensive and outlines every possible detail, including:

  • Product and manufacturer
  • Relevant serial numbers
  • The condition of the hardware
  • Customer asset tag reference
  • Details of the process used
  • Name of the engineer it was performed by and when

100% Security

We can offer different levels of security depending on each customer’s waste requirements. We don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to handling your waste – there is zero compromise when it comes to your data security.

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