Arrange A Collection & Replacement Boxes

To arrange the collection of your full Recycling Box, please complete the short form below. You can also use this form to order new Recycling Boxes.

Collection Instructions

Before arranging a collection for your Recycling Boxes, please ensure:

  • Each Recycling Box has more than 10 items in each. We are not able to collect Recycling Boxes containing less than 10 items.
  • Waste Toner Boxes or Waste Collection Boxes are placed in their bags to prevent spillage as the Recycling Boxes move through the courier network.
  • Each Recycling Box is sealed with no loose items which can fall out.
  • Each Recycling Box is placed in a suitable and accessible location ready for when the collection driver arrives.

  • Your Return Label Tracking Number can be found of the courier label affixed to your full recycling box.
  • Your Principle Dealer/Service Provider is the organisation who provides you with your photocopiers/printers and it’s consumables. Usually their name will be on the front cover of your photocopier/printer.
  • We can only collect full Recycling Collection Boxes containing 10 or more items. We are not able to collect individual cartridge/consumable boxes which aren’t contained within our Recycling Boxes (photographed below).


Collection Form

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