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We don’t just recycle toner cartridges. We can help you to properly dispose of your old IT assets – something incredibly important for all schools and educational services to get right.

Something that’s often overlooked when companies/educational institutions purchase new IT equipment is the importance of dealing with data that is held on the old equipment that is being replaced, however, by law, any data regarding students should be properly disposed of and erased.

GDPR and data compliance

GDPR regulations came into force over 4 years ago, but trying to ensure you’re 100% GDPR compliant can be overwhelming and feel like a never-ending battle, but we can help you with a major part of this.

You aren’t alone in the confusion over destroying data in a GDPR-compliant manner, as this is an issue felt by many SBMs. Many issues have also been raised over the effectiveness of third-party document shredding services, therefore it is recommended that external companies are used for all of your data-erasure concerns.

Your main concerns likely revolve around invoices, budgeting information, personal details about staff and pupils, as well as payroll.

All of which may be stored on your old IT equipment which you no longer have use for, nor know how to dispose of safely, securely, and while complying with GDPR and WEEE waste disposal regulations.

The Greener Sides award winning recycling service provides Secure Data Erasure.

We’re fully authorised to professionally and safely decommission computing and printing devices. Any item that passes through our in-depth erasure process is issues to our waste management team for material recovery, recycling and refining. Our experienced team of certified waste management engineers have access to NATO and CESG approved data erasure software which irreversibly deletes and stored records within a machines storage components.

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