It’s Time to Take Recycling Seriously

You’re already aware of the problems associated with landfills (I hope), so I won’t bore you with the facts and figures regarding that…

But.. are you REALLY aware of the issues you’re causing by neglecting your duties when it comes to disposing of you and your customers toner cartridges and other WEEE waste?

You know that your WEEE waste ends up in landfills when you don’t dispose of your waste correctly, but do you know what problems you’re actually causing? And no – I’m not just talking about the lack of landfill space that we have, that’s probably the least of our worries.

Recent satellite data has shown the true impact of landfill sites across the planet. Decomposing waste is releasing thousands of tonnes of planet-warming methane gas at landfills in Buenos Aires, Delhi, Mumbai, Lahore, India, Pakistan and Argentina. DO NOT be fooled by the locations – global warming isn’t discriminative and affects everybody, and DON’T think that your waste isn’t a contributor; a large majority of UK waste ends up in landfills overseas in locations such as these.

Landfill waste is currently  responsible for around 11% of the worlds emissions, expected to increase by around 70% by 2050, with an ever increasing global population a major contributor to an increase in waste.

Are you aware what this means? Do you know the impacts of methane?

Let me tell you.

High levels of methane reduce the amount of oxygen in the air – have I got your attention now, or do I need to explain further? Methane is the primary contributor to ground-level ozone, a hazardous air pollutant and greenhouse gas, exposure to which has caused over 1 million premature deaths.

Don’t you see it? We’re literally killing ourselves by neglecting our recycling obligations.

It’s time to start taking your recycling seriously.