Human Extinction On The Agenda

According to experts, plastic pollution will have a catastrophic impact on the human race if change isn’t made immediately.

This news comes as a result of the evidence gathered during the Volvo Ocean Race – an extreme sailing event that happened around the world, during which samples were taken from every part of the ocean, and it is now clear that plastic pollution has spread to every part of the planet. Micro plastic isn’t only present in the ocean though, alarmingly, it can be found in tap water and bottled drinking water, and due to its nature it’s almost impossible to filter out.

Some of the highest readings of plastic pollution came from areas with higher populations, close to places such as Hong Kong in the South China Sea, but particles could be found in even the most remote parts of the Southern Ocean.

Dr Luiza Mirpuri, founder of a Portuguese environmental organisations says that plastic contamination is slowly killing the human race, “not now, but in the third generation, because each time we have new diseases, new diseases from new contaminants. We are having more cancer, more allergic diseases and more infertility.”

Doctor Malcolm Hudson, environmental scientist from the University of Southampton said “We don’t know the extent of the risk at the moment.” and went on to say “There will come a point where there will be so much plastic in the ocean that we will be facing hazards that could be endangering human life.”

It’s clear that something needs to change.

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