Avoid landfill taxes altogether

According to law firm Pinsent Masons, a large majority of businesses in the UK are facing investigations, extra tax and penalties due to specific and technical legislative regime that can “confuse” landfill taxpayers.

Landfill tax is applied and imposed on those businesses who dispose of their waste within landfills and is designed to discourage their use – something that The Greener Side strongly believe in.

In total, HMRC have collected over £1bn extra following investigations into underpaid landfill tax over the past five years.

The question which should be asked, is why are so many UK businesses still using landfills?

UK landfills are overflowing, and only contribute further to the downfall of our planet and environment. Even more so, when there are other, cheaper and simpler solutions available to UK businesses which contribute positively to protecting our future.

The Greener Side offers businesses a hassle free, simple service which helps businesses to avoid fines and steer clear of the red tape when it comes to recycling their WEEE waste, including toner cartridges and other components – the full list of everything we can help you to recycle can be found here.

For an insignificant cost, we can protect the planet together and secure the future for younger generations, while also avoiding fines and unnecessary taxes.

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